The quality of the learning environment is a critical factor that shapes a child’s developmental journey in the early years and throughout kindergarten school. The EYFS framework specifically uses the word enabling to describe ideal environments for early learning. Such spaces must encourage children to explore, discover and actively engage in the construction of knowledge using stimulating and flexible resources, rich learning opportunities through play and individualized support.

Our Facilities

At Woodbury, our child-safe and inspiring indoor and outdoor kindergarten school in Dubai will excite and become a source of inquiry and creativity.


Our kindergarten classrooms are set up as spaces of possibilities with ample opportunities for individual and group learning. The all-important carpet is at the heart of our classroom, where children participate in speaking and listening activities. They are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas when they come together to have learning conversations with each other as well as their teachers. The rest of the space is laid out to allow children to move around and engage in a variety of activities ranging from reading, construction and mark-making to role play and messy play. With age-appropriate furniture and educational resources and vibrant displays, our children feel happy, cared for and relaxed while working towards their developmental milestones.


Indoor role play areas in each block are central to our kindergarten facilities and serve as a vital connecting space between classrooms, similar to central meeting places in traditional towns. Here in a large group setting, children develop and strengthen relationships, interact and collectively build experiences through role play, small world play and soft play.


Woodbury’s unique indoor woodland environment has been developed to provide our children with the benefits of creative outdoor learning and forest school sessions, adapted to the sometimes harsh climate of Dubai. In this room, the children can explore and investigate the natural world, with trees, grass, woodland materials, sensory areas and more. This truly is a one-of-a-kind experience offered by our kindergarten in Dubai.


There are countless benefits from learning outdoors. Kindergartens that offer the opportunity for enhanced physical activities in the outdoors support confidence building and allows opportunities for big scale play, problem solving and creativity in the company of peers. Research shows that in such a setting children’s use of language is also five times greater than the indoors. Recently the numerous benefits of forest school have been researched and many education authorities around the world are encouraging forest school sessions from nursery age onwards.

What makes us one of the most interactive kindergarten schools in Dubai is our outdoor area. Woodbury is filled with gardens rich with wonder, where the children are encouraged to spend as much time as possible exploring and investigating. Within these spaces they will use their senses to the fullest to appreciate the colours and sounds of nature and feel the sense of space and scale. There is a real emphasis on learning through nature, and forest school sessions are planned in to the week. There are planting areas for the children, herb gardens as well as grassy areas and sensory areas. There are countless opportunities for active physical development while benches under trees will become quiet areas of rest where children can sit and chat with friends or read a book.


The safety and wellbeing of our children is the number one priority at our kindergarten school in Dubai. To ensure this:

  • We have an intercom security system at the main gate. All visitors are screened using the camera feed to Reception and the Management office before being granted entry to the premises.
  • Visitors must sign in at Reception before they are allowed entry to our kindergarten school, an ID copy is taken and they are accompanied at all times whilst on the premises.
  • A register of adults authorised to collect is maintained for each child. Children will not be released in to the care of anybody else without prior  permission from the parents.
  • A full-time registered nurse is employed to monitor the health and wellbeing of the children.
  • A registered pediatric doctor visits on a regular basis to conduct medical checks on the health and development of the children.
  • Key staff also hold up-to-date qualifications in pediatric first aid.
  • Daily safety inspections of the premises are carried out.
  • All our cleaning products are eco-friendly and child-friendly.
  • We encourage healthy eating and lifestyle practices at our kindergarten school in Dubai.